Drum Reconditioning

VIP: Very Important Principles.

Drum roll, please. VIP is one of the leading drum reconditioners in Australia and New Zealand, supplying and collecting both steel and plastic drums across both nations. It’s a role we relish with our stated commitment to 100% recyclability.

To recondition our drums, we use an automated washing process with thermal oxidation treatment for any hard-to-handle residues where necessary. We use shot-blasting to clean the residues from steel drums prior to painting them. All VIP’s reconditioning services are safe and EPA-compliant. 

The result is a choice of standard open- and closed-head reconditioned drums. But alongside these products, VIP now also offers Re-Make drums, which combine the economy of a reconditioned drum aiming to meet standard and performance of a brand new one. Re-Make drums are hydraulically reformed resulting in bodies that look good-as-new and also have a new hard top. 

Not only does reconditioning extend the lifecycle of our drums without compromising their quality. It also provides a cost-effective and complementary alternative to new packaging. It’s the perfect combination of economy and ecology.

All drums reconditioned by VIP are labelled with an identification and instructional sticker for further recycling. That way, when ready, each drum is always ready to roll through one more cycle.

To recycle your drums or buy some of ours, call 1300 79 RECO (7326) or email sustainability@vippackaging.com.au.



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