IBC Reconditioning

VIP: Very Important Principles.

VIP Packaging is a leading intermediate bulk container (IBC) service provider in Australia and New Zealand. Through our reconditioning service, we can help extend the lifecycle of IBCs without compromising their quality. By extension, our national collection and buying services then give you a truly cost-effective and complementary alternative to new packaging. Here’s how…

VIP’s 360-degree solution.

VIP Packaging’s IBC reconditioning services form part of our 360-degree solution. VIP can supply your business with new, rebottled, reconditioned and laundered IBCs, arrange their collection after use, then clean and deliver them, ready for filling once again. This 360-degree solution is a total package that’s so easy to manage. Re-using IBCs not only makes sense. It saves you dollars. And it’s easier on the planet, as well.

To recycle or buy IBCs, call 1300 79 RECO (7326) or email sustainability@vippackaging.com.au.

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