Industry and Customer Programs

VIP: Very Important Principles.

VIP Packaging’s industry and customer programs are dedicated collection and recycling services that recover the products everyone else has put in the too-hard basket. These hard-to-recycle products are either impractical or too expensive to collect via traditional networks. By diverting this waste from landfill and reprocessing it to be re-used, we can make sure we minimise the loss of these valuable resources. It also ensures VIP keeps a firm focus on this important field. 

Recycling Plastic Oil Containers and drumMUSTER programs.

VIP Packaging runs a plastic motor-oil container recycling program Australia-wide in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Petroleum and its member companies. This important program not only reduces landfill but the potential contamination of our soils and groundwater.

You can download the full list of participating waste collection facilities here

VIP Packaging is also an approved processor for drumMUSTER - an Australia-wide program developed to support users of industrial packaging with a way of safely disposing and recycling used chemical containers.

Our pick-ups pick up pace.

Here’s one lead we hope everyone picks up on.

VIP Packaging has recently introduced a unique fleet of mobile collection units (MCUs) to answer the needs of industry. No matter where you are Australia-wide, VIP aims to come to you. Truly, no job is too big or small for VIP’s flexible fleet. For example, our MCUs have already participated in multi-site council collections as part of our program to recycle plastic oil containers. They’ve gone farther afield to large commercial farm operations linked in through the drumMUSTER program. And we’ve even solved some headaches for chemical retailers with their own individualised pick-up program.

There are three MCUs available. The biggest is our Maxi-MCU, which can process up to 12,000 containers a day. If space and access are a problem, we’ve got a smaller Flexi-MCU. And should your packaging have excess residue or stacking is possible, it sounds like a job for our SafeGuard-MCU. 

To take our lead and make the hardest recycling easy, call 1300 79 RECO (7326) or email



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