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VIP Packaging is a market leader in the development and supply of high quality closure systems.

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Beverage closures

Leader of the pack. And leader of the cap. You can’t top VIP Packaging for beverage closures, whether they’re the latest in European technology or simply the most popular traditional solution.

First, we have a revolution for the beverage industry: Fullytel® from Pelliconi in Europe. This high quality state-of-the-art design is a one-piece, tamper-evident, linerless HDPE closure. A major highlight we know from our customers is its superior high-carbonation retention, even at elevated temperatures.

If popularity says volumes about a product, it will tell you all you need to know about the widely used two-piece Plasvent® closure. Made from tough, durable polypropylene with a non-PVC liner, Plasvent® helps provide a sure seal to protect the quality of your product. Its true beauty lies in its ease of application and versatile design, meaning it can be applied by most types of automatic capping machines.

So, there you have it. Two different but equally convincing ways to find closure. One that’s top of the tops. The other, the top of the pops.

Dispensing closures

Packaging your products is one thing. Getting them out again, quite another. Without an effective dispensing closure, it can be an exercise in frustration for your customer. So VIP Packaging has created a range of thoughtful dispensing closures for plastic or glass containers, which can be used to issue a wide variety of products from liquids like shampoos, lotions and creams to edible oils and automotive additives.

For example, the live hinge system on our Suresnap® range has a snap-open/snap-shut action designed for convenient one-handed operation. This is essential for products like suntan lotions, shampoos or hair conditioners. But the snap-shut also initiates effective self-cleaning of the dispensing orifice, which makes life a whole lot less messy.

VIP’s dispensing closures are made from polypropylene and polyethylene polymers can be used for a wide range of products. So if you want to get more out of your packaging, you’d better see VIP.

Tamper-evident closures

Sadly, there is always a threat to your customer’s wellbeing – and your brand’s – from tampering. That’s why VIP Packaging has the lead with Tampertel®: a closure system designed with a unique and patented integrated tamper-indicating break-band, which can be used on both glass and plastic containers.

Importantly, Tampertel® is easy to use, hygienic and provides an excellent seal in a wide range of sizes. No wonder it’s currently employed across a diversity of industries including food, healthcare, pharmaceutical, beverage, petrochemical, household consumer and more. Don’t tamper with your brand’s integrity. Protect it with Tampertel®, exclusively from VIP.

Child-resistant closures

Opening most of our closures is child’s play. Which can be a problem if the product isn’t meant to be in a child’s hands. So that led us to the Clic-Loc® child-resistant closure.

Clic-Loc® has been specifically designed with two levels of security built in. First, a pressure-activated device maintains child resistance at low torque levels. Even if a child somehow manages to negotiate this hurdle and turn the cap, Clic-Loc® then has an audible click that sounds the attempted removal. VIP cares deeply about child safety and makes it a priority.

Specialty closures

Plugs, nozzles, lids, end caps, discs, inserts and specialised plastic components: you name it, VIP Packaging has the leading range of speciality closures you’re looking for.

Even if you don’t really know exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t worry: VIP can help you navigate the best closure solution for your product based on your compatibility and/or other needs, right through to the installation and commissioning of cap handling and sealing machinery.

VIP’s specialty injection-moulded closures can not only seal your product; they can also seal a deal by helping your brand stand out from the crowd. We have an extensive range of stock closures in colours, shapes, sizes and sealing systems for almost any product’s requirements. Even if what you need isn’t there, you can still find closure. We can also design and manufacture the ultimate customised solution. And that’s what helps keep us up the front of the pack.



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