Food and Beverage

VIP Packaging is a market leader in the development and supply of high quality Food and Beverage packaging.


Food and Beverage

There are over 30,000 stock-keeping units in the average supermarket, all vying for the consumers' attention. How do you make your product the one that makes it into their basket?

This is when the savvy marketer needs to embrace the 5th P of marketing: packaging. Packaging is the crucial element that creates a point of difference at the point of purchase, de-commoditises your commodity and makes your brand stand strong.

Moreover, within the food and beverage markets especially, great packaging can help reposition a product, make it more convenient for consumers to use and, of utmost importance, give it that stand-out X-factor on the supermarket shelves.

But great packaging only comes from a team effort. From a well of experience. From a basis of practicality. From people who know what works and never stop innovating. And you only get that from a leader. 

At VIP Packaging, our dedicated product development teams work in partnership with you and our marketing, technical and production teams to brainstorm innovative packaging ideas for the food and beverage markets and convert them into commercial realities.

Here, you’ll find some of the recent packaging innovations that have increased brand value for some of our major food and beverage customers.

As food and beverage is truly our bread and butter, VIP Packaging has the widest range of offerings for these industries.

Barrier packaging.

VIP Packaging is Australia’s leading manufacturer of multilayer barrier containers in addition to making a range of monolayer PET, HDPE, PP and LDPE packaging. With all the benefits of glass minus the risk of accidents, VIP’s polypropylene barrier containers can withstand retorting temperatures of up to 130 degrees Celsius. They also offer a superior oxygen barrier, which extends the product’s shelf life considerably. VIP also makes multilayer PET containers, giving food and beverage manufacturers a clearer and lower-cost solution over traditional glass packaging.

Ovenable trays, PET food containers and meat trays.

Adding to an already formidable food-packaging portfolio, VIP Packaging manufactures a range of CPET ovenable trays, PET food bowls and bakery packaging, and Glofoam food trays. Stock and custom designs are available.

Large ‘food service’ containers.

The sophisticated demands of the food services industry require innovative and functional packaging solutions. VIP Packaging’s range, which encompasses large plastic containers, steel and plastic drums and general line cans, provides the superior pack ergonomics that endear them to caterers whilst adhering to filling-line restraints.


VIP Packaging is a leading manufacture of injection-moulded closures in the food and beverage market. Our patented designs include Plasvent® and Tampertel®. Plasvent® beverage closures offer consumers the benefit of easy opening and the confidence of superior tamper evidence. Tampertel® closures feature a unique tamper-indicating break-band design that's applicable for both glass and plastic containers.

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