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VIP Packaging is a market leader in the development and supply of high quality plastic packaging.

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PET wine bottles

Plastic bottles have obvious advantages over glass for wine storage. But it took us some time to overcome some hefty hurdles.

VIP Packaging’s exclusive DiamondClear™ technology uses an oxygen-scavenging process that enables you to store PET wines bottles for longer – both empty and filled – providing extended shelf life†. Furthermore, it means that while our plastic bottles dont have an impact on the taste, quality or presentation of the wine, they do actually keep it fresher for longer^.

On top of that, lightweight PE also delivers clear environmental advantages:

  • It’s up to 90% lighter than glass which significantly reduces the greenhouse gas emissions from transportation;
  • It’s 100% recyclable; and
  • It’s more robust than glass, which reduces risk at public events and for OH&S.

Currently, VIP has three stock lines: a 750-millilitre Burgundy-style bottle, plus a 750-millilitre and 187-millilitre Bordeaux-style bottle, all of which are compatible with aluminum metal closures and plastic Novatwist closures. These wine bottles meet all applicable food contact regulations in Australia, USA and the EU.

VIP Packaging holds an exclusive licence for the DiamondClear™ oxygen-scavenging technology in Australia and New Zealand.

To taste the advantages of VIP Packaging’s PET wine bottles for yourself, call Daryl Black on 0413 805 580.

† Subject to customers reasonable shelf-life evaluation.
^ Compared to competitors’ active-scavenging technologies.

Plastic bottles and jars


Could your brand be in better shape? Take our lead and talk to VIP Packaging’s in-house design team. We’ll aim to match your current design or take you to a whole new level with a quality package that is unique, innovative, practical and cost-effective. For instance, we will work to create a pack that stacks in a more efficient, space-saving manner. And, of course, our packs can be designed specifically to suit your filling lines.

We have an exhaustive range of stock and custom-made plastic bottles and jars, stretching from injection stretch blow-moulded PET or PP to extrusion blow-moulded LDPE, HDPE and PP containers. For that finishing touch, VIP also has a variety of stock and custom made closures.

And when its use is finished, it’s reassuring to know these materials can be collected in kerbside recycling systems.


There is no barrier we can’t overcome. Physically or mentally. Case in point: VIP Packaging’s leading-edge technologies can now create an oxygen or CO2 barrier in a lightweight container.

We have the perfect option no matter what the application. Our PP Lamicon technology provides excellent contact clarity with high fill temperature capabilities. On the other hand, the soft feel of LDPE Lamisqueeze may suit your product better if it requires trouble-free squeezing and dispensing. PET plastic has premium clarity and gloss with technologically advanced barrier systems. Or, there’s our HDPE Lamichem, which suits products requiring solvent resistance and retention.

If your brand needs a new lease on life or you want to launch a new brand with barrier properties, we won’t let anything stand in our way to create a contemporary design with contact clarity.

Vials and tubs

A wide selection of colours and sizes. Tamper-evident and standard closures. VIP Packaging leads the way with our two ranges of vials and tubs: the larger-capacity Marquis® tubs are frequently used in industrial applications; the Pharmavial® tamper-evident range is widely used for pharmaceutical and health-care products.

Marquis® tubs

VIP Packaging’s Marquis® tubs range from 250 millilitres through to 1 litre in capacity, with either tamper-evident or standard caps.

Depending on your specific needs, you can choose either a high- or low-density polyethylene construction, making our handy Marquis® tubs a great choice for personal care and cosmetic applications through to food and industrial uses.


Light, tough and resistant to deformation and damage, VIP Packaging’s ingenious Pharmavial® offers superior protection for your product. Its sturdy cylindrical body is moulded in polypropylene, sealed with a tamper-evident closure made of polyethylene. The wide-mouthed design not only makes filling easy, but automatic and manual capping are also simple due to the precise engagement of the container neck and cap.

Pharmavial® is manufactured to specific tolerances, allowing three distinct points of contact to create an extremely effective seal: there are two sealing points between the cap and the body, and in between, there is an anticapillary cavity. The cap locks under a retaining bead on the body. All of which makes Pharmavial® your leading option if you need to protect food, drugs or other moisture-sensitive products.

Plastic & laminate tubes

We’re all squeezing a lot more out of tubes these days. Whether it’s shampoo, water-based paint, body cream, insect repellent or even condiments. And VIP Packaging is again leading the charge, able to provide the ideal plastic or laminate tube, no matter what product is to go inside it.

Plastic tubes.

We’ve been staggered by the growing popularity of plastic tubes in recent times. But there’s good reason. The design possibilities are limited only by your imagination (or that of our designers). Decoration runs from one to six colours with a complete range of finishes. Plastic tubes not only offer the utmost convenience; they also command attention on the supermarket shelves.

With their ease of use, durability, portability and convenience, VIP Packaging’s plastic tubes are now being used in more and more innovative ways: from traditional uses in personal care and cosmetic applications through to condiments.

To answer the call, VIP offers an array of sizes, orifices, threads and caps. Not to mention our creative in-house design and technical team members, who will work with you to deliver the ideal tube for your product.

Laminate tubes.

The list of packaging applications for laminate tubes grows longer by the day. Not only does it include pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial uses as well as artists’ paints: they’re now becoming increasingly popular to contain and dispense food.

Little wonder. With their multi-layer structure, laminate tubes provide excellent barrier properties that help to prevent a loss of flavour, preserve essential oils and minimise the transmission of oxygen, gas and light for product stability. Which just makes us hungry for more ways to use them.


Plastic cubes

The food, chemical, petrochemical and agricultural industries love them. And why wouldn’t they?

VIP Packaging makes plastic cubes and cubes from 10 to 25 litres capacity with various decorative options as either standard or dangerous goods containers.

However, as leader of the pack, we’re always thinking outside the box with our cubes. With clever design features such as glug-free pouring, view stripes, piercing for tap and bung applications, snap-fit closures and drum-pump compatibility.

We’ve even added to our standard range with an EcoCube® made of 100% post-consumer recyclate for non-dangerous applications, like janitorial and surfactant products.

If you’re feeling boxed in with your packaging, you’d better come and see our cubes.


Don’t risk your staff or customers with a jerrycan that’s jerry-built. For safety first, you can’t go past the leader of the pack. VIP Packaging’s jerrycans offer safe and secure transportation for fuel and other flammable liquids.

Plastic jerrycans.

VIP Packaging’s jerrycans are carefully constructed from high-strength polyethylene to transport a range of products safely and securely.

We make a number of stock designs with sizes from 1 to 10 litres, which make them useful for smaller quantities or when weight is a factor. Alternatively, our designers can also work with you to produce a custom design to make your product stand out from the sea of same.

For maximum safety, tamper-evident and child-resistant closures are available for all VIP jerrycans.

FUEL-SAFE jerrycans.

VIP Packaging manufactures a truly innovative range of Heavy Duty and All Purpose FUEL SAFE® jerrycans that offer maximum protection for fuel and other flammable materials.

Available in 5, 10 and 20 litre capacities, our FUEL SAFE® jerrycans are manufactured and certified to AS/NZ A2906 standards with additional Dangerous Goods certification No 20101. Self-venting nozzles minimise glugging and accidental fuel spillage.

The Heavy Duty series is constructed from a carefully formulated, high-density polyethylene plastic for the demanding requirements of fleet operators, industry, tradesmen and contractors.

Our All Purpose series, on the other hand, is built for anyone requiring the safe storage and transportation of flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel, methylated spirits and mineral turpentine.

Duplast watering cans

The end of the drought in good design.

VIP Packaging’s range of Duplast watering cans is manufactured from high-density polyethylene with a UV-stabilised body which helps to withstand the most extreme outdoor temperatures.

Duplast is available in a range of shapes and sizes with roses also available seperately as replacements.

Forecourt watering cans.

Fill ‘er up. VIP Packaging also manufactures Duplast watering cans with flexi spouts, designed without compromise to be there at petrol stations when a customer needs one.

Plastic drums

You can’t beat our drums. VIP Packaging’s leading range includes standard plastic drums, the acclaimed Mauser, industrially focussed Ecodrum® and the Series 100 bulk drum to fill any role.

Plastic drums.

Got a product that needs to be stored in bulk but dispensed in smaller quantities? VIP Packaging’s plastic drums are ideal. The specifically designed lid has a quick-release locking ring for ease of opening and resealing.

Made from a high molecular-weight polyethylene, VIP has drums ranging in size from 25 to 110 litres.

Mauser drums.

VIP Packaging is the sole Australian manufacturer of the world-famous Mauser: a high-quality plastic drum designed to meet the tough needs of industrial and food packaging. Internationally acclaimed as one of the most economical and durable plastic drums available, our Mauser has been specifically adapted and constructed for Australian conditions, and produced by state-of-the-art blow-moulding technology. It’s non-rusting, dent-resistant and food compatible.

VIP’s incessant investment in technology has resulted in the first-ever 250-litre and 235-litre plastic L-ring Mauser drums being available to the Australian market. The new range includes an improved, lighter-weight 220-litre drum. The new sizes increase the volume that can be carried per pallet and, therefore, per truck, whilst remaining fully compatible with existing steel drums. Each size will initially be available in the closed-head format with either single or double L-ring. Corresponding open-head alternatives will also be available in the near future.


Another major achievement on our road to 100% recyclability. Developed specifically for the chemical market, the Ecodrum® provides a sustainable option for an industry in which reusability and recycling have traditionally been issues.

Ecodrums® lower waste management costs and can be used over and over again for up to eight years (subject to appropriate conditions). In fact, a dip tube and floor well ensure minimum residue that can exclude the need to clean the drum’s interior when refilled with the same product. The Micro Matic Drum Valve™ is another outstanding feature, minimising any risk of product tampering whilst also assisting with the protection of operators against chemical contact during filling or emptying.

Series 100 drum.

Manufactured in New Zealand, the Series 100 drum has been designed to help meet the tough needs of this market’s industrial and food packaging industries.

Ideal for the bulk packaging of either standard or dangerous products, the Series 100 can also be fitted with the Micro Matic Drum Valve™ closed-product transfer system to help eliminate the risk of product tampering and help protect operators during filling or emptying.


Here’s another reason why we are the leader of the pack with intermediate bulk containers.

VIP Packaging’s Sustainability Services division was already one of the leading intermediate bulk container (IBC) service provider in Australia, collecting, rebottling, reconditioning and laundering IBCs nationwide. Not content with that, recently, we’ve expanded that service to include the manufacturing and supply of brand new IBCs.

We now have the sole licensed Australian manufacturing rights for the internationally acclaimed Mauser® SM IBC, a high-quality container designed with the tough needs of industrial, chemical and food packaging in mind.

Mauser® IBCs are renowned for their reliability as well as the quality and variety of components, which VIP can now also supply.

Mauser® discharge valves. Simply the best.

Mauser discharge valves are known for their rigidity, strength and quality assurance. Manufactured on a fully automated production line, the one-piece valves are made from polyethylene to maximise strength and resistance to corrosion. Butterfly and cylindrical valves are also available.

Mauser® accessories. More than just standard.

VIP Packaging now offers accessories for Mauser® IBCs including its unique venting systems (Optivent®) and pressure relief valves. Optivents® enable IBCs to be emptied without having to unscrew the filling cap. This is critical in ultra-clean environments or on off-shore oil platforms. Pressure-relief valves can (if used correctly) depressurise an IBC bottle when contents reach excessive pressure levels.

Plastic Pails

VIP leads the pack once more with the latest design and technology. Our injection-moulded plastic pails and tubs are light, tough and can be highly decorated for food and other applications. Quality in-mould labelling, unique on-pack tamper evidence and expertly designed sealing systems give our pails instant consumer appeal and convenience. Surely, other pails pale by comparison.

VIP pails.

These pails can transport anything from the lightest to heaviest of products. What lifts them above the competition for almost any application is a combination of unique decoration, tamper evidence and handling features.

Anti-Skinning pails.

At last, an answer to the age-old problem of skinning for paint manufacturers. Through a combination of design and material technology, these pails help to reduce paint skinning in an attractive and practical package for water-based paints. Paint the town red.



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