Steel Packaging

VIP Packaging is a market leader in the development and supply of high quality steel packaging.

Choose from our range of Steel Packaging products

Polylined drums

The best of both worlds. VIP Packaging’s polylined drums give you similar rigidity and strength of a steel body with the integrity and protection of a plastic lining.

These drums are ideal for transporting bulk liquid or corrosive products, especially if it’s food or a product that needs packaging approved for dangerous goods.

Depending on your needs, you can order VIP’s polylined drums with open or closed heads. Either way, what other choice would you make other than VIP polylined drums?

General line cans

Here’s a familiar line. VIP Packaging is an industry leader in the production of round and irregular general line cans. You’ll be amazed at what our cans can do for a wide range of industrial and food applications.

Through ceaseless improvement year after year, VIP’s general line offers you a low-cost, 100%-recyclable, hygienic and robust metal packaging with remarkable versatility. Options such as lithographic printing, and innovative closures and fittings can give a modern edge to even the most traditional packaging. Sizes range from just 100 millilitres right up to 10 litres.

Whatever your need, VIP’s can-do designers will work closely with you to create a cost-effective, functional and dramatically different can tailored to your product range.

Tinplate pails

If it’s in tin, it’s intact. VIP Packaging’s high-quality small metal drums and pails offer one of the best protections against the rough and tumble of transportation, for everything from food ingredients to most chemicals.

Available in nine sizes, ranging from 10 to 25 litres, and with a variety of closures, there’s a tinplate pail that’s bound to help you with your exact – and exacting – requirements.

Steel drums

Here’s the drum. VIP Packaging’s steel drums can meet the most stringent requirements for products ranging from industrial chemicals through to food and pharmaceuticals.

They may be gentle on what’s inside but they’ll take everything the world can throw at them. Produced from steel and stainless steel, some of VIP’s metal containers, lids and locking rings are approved for dangerous goods, and every single drum is tested for leaks. They’ll also help your corporate image as well with the option of high-quality decoration including multi-colour and silk-screen printing.

You can also take advantage of VIP’s drum reconditioning program to procure pre-owned drums and/or have your used drums collected and processed for re-use. Apart from the obvious economic argument, this program offers enormous environmental benefits to boot.

After all, by extending the life of our drums, we hope to acheive a similar effect on the planet.



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